Ashley's First Photos

Ashley's First Photos

"People ask me to take pictures with them when they see me," Ashley said. "I'll go out and get stared at all night. But I like that. I like to dress up when I go out. One of the good things about having big breasts is that you get noticed. So you feel like a celebrity sometimes. Guys at clubs are always taking out their cell phone cameras. I have a nice bum, too, but guys are more interested in my tits."

We seriously doubt that Ashley would go out in public wearing this blue corset...but you never know. A corset. A pair of jeans. Some fuck-me pumps...

"That's not really my style," Ashley said. "I like to dress sexy but not over-the-top sexy. But then again, I never thought posing nude for a men's magazine was my style, either."

It just goes to show you: You never know. By the way, this is the first photo set we ever shot of Ashley. It was taken on October 26, 2008 in Manchester, England, in the living room of Ashley's parents' house. Nice, eh?
Featuring: Ashley Sage Ellison
Date: November 14th, 2012
Photos: 32

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2 years ago 
Very nice but shoes off would have been MUCH sexier!!!

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