Cream For Ashley

Cream For Ashley

Probably the best thing about Ashley-besides her breasts and her face-is her youthful innocence. When we asked her what makes her cum the fastest, she giggled and said, "I can't tell you that. I'm a good girl." Later, we asked her to describe her fantasy dream fuck. "That's something I'm keeping to myself," she said.

We asked Ashley about her taste in men and she said, "I like guys who can make me laugh. Someone who is sweet, caring and down to earth. A good personality counts, too. I don't like egomaniacs and guys who think way too much of themselves."

Ashley is not an egomaniac. These photos, taken in the bathroom of her childhood home in Manchester, England, show her looking into the mirror quite a bit, something she definitely doesn't do. But then Ashley turns to the camera and puts on a breast-creaming show you won't ever forget. Check out the video, too.
Featuring: Ashley Sage Ellison
Date: November 14th, 2012
Photos: 100

Member Comments

3 years ago 

Great lady one of my favorites, it just seems like if a woman is in the bathroom area or at the swimming pool she would be barefoot or wearing flip flops (seems like normal attire) but "too often" the models at Scoreland and their subsidiary's don't, it just seems like not reality...

7 years ago 

I'd love to give her some cream, straight up that tight pussy!

8 years ago 

Ashley looks incredible in this set.. makes me want to cream all over her warm flesh pillows.

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