Tea Time Tatas

Tea Time Tatas

Ready for a cuppa? A cuppa 36Js courtesy of Ashley Sage Ellison. We're back in England because we like the tea. The T&A, that is. And when it comes to T&A, Ashley has it in ample abundance. Ashley even brewed the staff a couple of cuppas because she's sweet. So sweet, she didn't need to whip out the honey, but she did and even spilled some on her breasts, making for a sticky time. She didn't have enough to cover them. For that, we'd have needed at least a quart bottle of honey, if not more.

But the good part about being so busty for Ashley is that she gets a lot of attention and she attracts a lot of men.

"People look at me. They ask me to take pictures with them. I walk into a room and I get a lot of attention. It's a good thing."

And since Ashley is in the professional beauty business, as a beautician, a lot of attention is indeed a good thing.
Featuring: Ashley Sage Ellison
Date: November 14th, 2012
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10 years ago 

I love tea with honey in it! One of the best set's out there!

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