Dressed To Undress

Dressed To Undress

Ashley's formal attire is a sharp contrast to her tropical, sunny paradise setting. Her black stockings, black patent leather heels and garters bring a saucy touch of old-school British erotic-glamour fetish. This is what English models wore 60 years ago posing for erotic photographers hidden away in second-floor studios. She looks like she is ready to play the piano in concert. In fact...

"I like to play sometimes," Ashley said. "It's very relaxing to me. Music was always my favorite subject in school. I find it easy to lose myself in a song or a musical sheet."

Ashley is used to chilly weather back home. Here on this sun-drenched, green island, the less clothing, the better. She has to watch that fair, creamy Anglo-Saxon skin or she'll burn, and that can't happen! Her fair body must not be molested by the sun's rays!
Featuring: Ashley Sage Ellison
Date: November 14th, 2012
Photos: 54

Member Comments

5 years ago 
I love her stockings too, and would love to fuck her pussy and cum on her big tits, and we could just play with the cum on her boobs :}
7 years ago 
Love her in those stockings, she is so sexy would love to fuck those huge tits and then cum in her pussy!
9 years ago 
Not sure what's in the glass (maybe wine?) but would love to see it drip on those Big Tits!

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