Auto Erotica

Auto Erotica

What is it about sexy girls washing cars? Ashley didn't need to detail this set of wheels...just standing next to it and getting wet and soapy was enough. The car's a prop, Ashley's the only attraction.

"Nobody's ever asked me to wash a car before," Ashley said. "That's usually a man's work."

Yes, it is a man's work, but anybody who remembers the car-wash scene in the movie Cool Hand Luke knows the difference between work and pleasure when it comes to washing cars.

"You just want to see me getting my boobs all wet, don't you?" Ashley said.

Exactly! We're also big on the photos of Ashley shelving her tits on the car window as she leans out.

Now, as for that, it never did get washed.
Featuring: Ashley Sage Ellison
Date: November 14th, 2012
Photos: 43

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8 years ago 
You're so sexy Ashley.

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