The Ashley Sage Ellison Interview

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The Ashley Sage Ellison Interview

Here's an exclusive combination interview and bra-modeling video with Ashley, shot in Manchester, England. It was too cold to do anything outdoors, so our crew took Ashley inside to try on her bras. You'll find out how Ashley hooks on her bras in the morning.

We also find out a lot about Ashley. She's a beautician by profession and does hair, nails and makeup. All beauticians are into looking their best, and as a model working in the beauty biz, that goes triple for Ashley. She likes all the attention and says that guys are more interested in her tits than her tush. When she's not working and goes out at night, Ashley likes to go to the movies or out dancing. During the weekend, she likes to hit the mall.

"I love to go shopping when I'm not working," Ashley says. "In the United Kingdom, we have quite a few good shopping centers. I like to buy jeans, bags and shoes. Especially shoes. I think I have a shoe fetish. But I have to order my bras on the Internet."

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Featuring: Ashley Sage Ellison
Date: November 27th, 2012
Duration: 12:44

Member Comments

6 years ago 

i hope she never tan that gorgeous milky, creamy, vanilla skin, and she has the perfect pink areolas.

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